IDleaks Thesis Prize 2019
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About This Project

Have you recently completed your master thesis on humanitarian communication or the (discursive) representation of international development more generally? Do you want to share your research with a broader audience and get recognition for your work from an expert jury? Then submit your thesis for the IDleaks Thesis Prize 2019!


IDleaks is a Dutch non-profit organization committed to better communication on international development. Each year we award the best master thesis on humanitarian communication written at a Dutch or Belgium university.


Why should you participate?
• You get to share your research and expand your network;
• You get recognition for your work from an expert jury;
• The winner receives a cash prize of €250!


Who is the IDleaks Thesis Award for?
We welcome all master’s theses about communication (in the broadest sense) on development issues in the Global South, in any discipline or area of knowledge, including humanitarian communication, discourses of international development, the use of stereotypes of ‘developing’ countries and peoples, or on any other topic related to both communication and the Global South.


This award particularly appreciates those theses that provide a critical perspective on humanitarian communication or the (discursive) representation of the Global South more generally.


What are the requirements?
To be eligible, your thesis must have been:
• completed between January 1st 2018 and April 1st 2019;
• written at a university or other academic institution in the Netherlands or Belgium;
• graded 7,5 or higher;
• written in either Dutch or English;


How is your thesis going to be assessed?
Your thesis will be reviewed by an expert jury. They will assess your thesis on the following criteria:

• Academic quality and originality.
• Societal relevance and urgency.
• Writing style and structure of the thesis.


How can you apply?
To enter the competition, please fill in the registration form at and send a digital copy of your thesis to [email protected] by July 1, 2019, mentioning ‘IDleaks Thesis Award 2019’.




The award ceremony will take place on Thursday November 21, 2019, from 5-8pm at CREA in Amsterdam. In case you are nominated, you are expected to briefly present your work. For any remaining questions, please contact [email protected].