About us (EN)

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Who are we?

Welcome to the website of IDleaks Foundation. Since 2011, we have been the platform for professionals, academics, students and other people interested in international development that strives for: (1) better communication about countries where ‘development’ takes place and (2) an open and nuanced debate on development cooperation.

We believe this is necessary, because the average Dutch (or Western) person is too often confronted with single-story, stereotypical images of developing countries and their populations, for instance those featuring only poverty, hunger and disease. IDleaks supports development organisations and media in better informing their target group, in order to counteract the harmful effects of one-sided imagery. At the same time, a lot of confusion exists among the general public about what exactly development cooperation entails. Too often, we witness dicsussions based on popular myths and a lack of background understanding. IDleaks is therefore committed to create an open and nuanced debate in which there is space for contextualisation and careful fact-checking as well as personal stories from different points of view.

Eventually we hope to contribute to an environment in which all development actors are able to learn from one another, without being criticised. In this way, we will all be enabled to contribute more effectively to that fair world without injustice, inequality and poverty that we all dream of.


CT7IDleaks has developed a number of ways in which we engage development organisations, media and the Dutch public:

  • The IDleaks Awards, a yearly award show where we hand out prizes for the best (Highflyer) and worst (Fly in the Eye) campaign commercials of Dutch development NGOs. Modeled after the Norwegian Radiator Awards.
  • Our QuickScans, in which we review upon request a campaign made by an NGO using our Communications Guide.
  • Our Pubquizzes at public events, where we ask questions about development cooperation and developing countries to engage the general public.
  • Workshops, presentations and event facilitation upon request.
  • Film and debate evenings on topics related to imaging and development.
  • Media and film productions (still in a developing stage)

For more information about IDleaks, please contact us through our Chair, Ms Siri Lijfering (siri[at]idleaks.nl).